Right To Choose
Automobile Quote

It is your legal right to have the auto glass shop of your choice do your repairs.  Don't let your insurance company tell you otherwise. 

Unkown to most consumers, there is a practice of "steering" amongst the insurance companies.  If  a customer calls their insurance company to arrange for a new windshield, they should not be "steered" by the insurance company's third party administrator to one of their own shops. In many cases this third party administrator is a large national auto glass company that represents itself as the insurance company when the customer calls the 800 claims number. This is very misleading and very dishonest.

How does "steering" happen?  You call your insurance company to let them know you have a windshield that needs to be replaced.  The insurance company often has a special  name and phone number for their auto glass claims program but seldom do they mention that the claim is actually being handled by a third party administrator or Auto Glass Network. Most of the networks are telephone call centers owned and operated by national retail auto glass replacement companies.

 The network employee determines who they want to do the job,  they will try to "steer" the job to one of their company stores.  You the consumer has every right to tell this network operator who you want to do the job.  You pay for your policy, it's your right to choose!  IT'S YOUR VEHICLE!  IT'S YOUR INVENSTMENT!  IT'S YOUR DECISION!

You may be told by the network that "Proficient Glass" is not an "authorized" or "qualified" shop to perform the work for your auto glass replacement insurance claim. What this means is that we refuse to sign a contract with the network to agree to their terms where they tell glass companies what they will pay for to do the service.  This contract is completely unnecessary.  Proficient Glass will guarantee the work for as long as you own your vehicle.  They may also tell you that if you select a "non-preferred" shop, your insurance will not pay for your service and leave you responsible for the full balance. THESE STATEMENTS ARE FALSE AND MISLEADING. These are very common practices employed by many insurance networks to steer work to auto glass shops owned by that network.  These tactics are a very effective way for the insurance companies to save a few dollars on your claim, but may compromise the quality of the work and the safety of your family and friends.

This practice of steering customers is so wide spread that there are presently law suits across the country seeking to bar this sort of dishonest coercion.

You can avoid this hassle by calling us directly and we will work diretly with your insurance company to process your claim quickly for you.